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“Walk Away”- By Bryan Stutzman



Bryan Stutzman grew up in Lancaster, PA and now lives in Winchester, VA. He is a guitarist and vocalist who performs at venues in and around the Northern Shenandoah Valley.



Sunday, July 5th at Breaux Vineyards ~ 1 pm

Thursday, July 9th at Sharguin Music (virtual) ~ 7 pm

Friday, July 10th at Virtual Gardens- MSV (Virtual)  ~ 7 pm

Friday, July 24th at Valerie Hill Vineyard ~ 6 pm

Thursday, July 30th at Bright Box (Robie Limon and Friends) ~ 7 pm

Sunday, July 31st at Canary Grill ~ 6 pm

Friday, August 14th at Valerie Hill Vineyard ~ 6 pm

Friday, August 28th at Piccadilly Brew Pub ~ 7 pm

Saturday, September 5th at Valerie Hill Vineyard ~ 330 pm

Friday, October 2nd at The Half Note/GW Hotel ~ 8 pm

Saturday, October 10th at Paladin Bar & Grill ~ 7 pm

Saturday, October 17th at Valerie Hill Vineyard ~ 330 pm

Thursday, October 22nd at Paladin ~ 7 pm

Friday, December 4th at Paladin ~ 7 pm